The charter of Eidetic Optical Systems (EOS) is to engage in advanced, high technology optical and opto-mechanical design and engineering projects. EOS actively pursues both commercial and government clients, and prefers an even balance between these two venues. In each project undertaken by EOS, the goal is to provide a technical advantage to its partners that:

  • Increases their likelihood for success in technical competition;
  • Yields cost effective solutions that enhance the chances of success in commercial markets; and
  • Leverages on extensive customer interface experience for a seamless team partnership.

Eidetic is committed to helping our customers achieve the highest level of engineering performance. We can help complete your project in several ways:

  • Stand-alone design: EOS can do the complete design and analysis to meet your specs both in optical and mechanical design.
  • Perform Complete Projects: Through years of operation in the optical industry, EOS has the partnerships to offer complete solutions including design, analysis, assembly, and test.

Eidetic Optical Systems is able to accomplish these goals through years spent solving some of the most challenging problems that our industry has to offer. Extensive experience managing, guiding and participating in technical team projects leads to comfortable working relationships. Completed projects consistently reflect innovative approaches to difficult problems and a level of creativity well above the average. Finally, a thorough knowledge of the full range of design, tolerancing and environmental analysis tools provides a complete solution to virtually any optical problem.

We use the vary latest in software and hardware to design, construct, test, and implement your products.