About Us

The founder and president of EOS is Eric Ford. Eric has been engaged in the design of precision optical systems since 1970. He has held engineering positions with Rockwell and Martin Marietta, and technical management positions with Texas Instruments, Optical Research Associates, and Optimum Optical Systems before starting Eidetic Optical Systems. During his career, he has worked in the technical areas of missile guidance system, infrared imaging systems (both staring and scanned), laser systems, night vision goggles, refractive and reflective telescopes, camera systems, zoom lenses, medical optics (including endoscope systems and holographic cameras), Heads Up Displays, projection television and other projection systems, wide-angle and extreme wide-angle optical systems, semiconductor manufacturing and test optics, SDI and NASA funded aerospace system, and many others.

The head of mechanical design at EOS is Patrick Ford. Patrick has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of San Diego, California. He has experience working in the opto-mechanical field for General Atomics, Nikon, and Quartus Engineering on projects such as laser systems, aircraft mounted optics, lithography machines, and both visible and infrared zoom lenses.